Donna del Grano Strozzapreti Pasta

Donna del Grano Strozzapreti Pasta


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17.6 oz. Bag.This uniquely shaped pasta cut has an equally unique name originating from the Italian translation “priest choker or strangler”. Strozzapreti [stroh-tzuh-PRAY-tee] is similar in form with cavatelli or other hand-rolled type pastas. The look of Strozzapreti resembles a hand rolled towel. It is an elongated version of cavatelli. Strozzapreti are rolled in chunky flat pieces and are then cut into small strips. This pasta is known for its varied shape and size, unlike macaroni or spaghetti. You can find a number of varieties of this pasta from different areas in Tuscany, Romagna, or Emilia. Product of Italy


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