Donne Del Grano Coralli Pasta

Donne Del Grano Coralli Pasta


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Product Description

This colorful spiral coral-shaped pasta is very attractive when included in a pasta dish, especially if it has a seafood or marinara sauce. People will surely have fun eating with this coral inspired pasta. One good thing about the Corallu Colored pasta is that it is colored using a natural food coloring that will not even fade after it has been cooked. Its shape will also not change due to the perfect quality check being done before it is imported from Italy.

Its other ingredients are also natural and has no preservatives used for the best tasting pasta. Centuries old tradition of pasta making that has been passed on through generation was used to make this pasta. This ensures its consistency of shape, size and texture. Its texture is just right for the sauce will stick to it. It is easy to cook and it will only take up 7 minutes to come out perfectly al dente.


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