Donne del Grano Left Over Monnezza Vertude Pasta

Donne del Grano Left Over Monnezza Vertude Pasta


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Product Description

Monnezza Vertude is the combination of different kinds of pasta all in one pack. With this, people can have a creative way to serve a pasta dish to both their family and guests. It comes in different shapes, colors and sizes. Although there might be some packs that have more white pasta than colored ones, it still makes for a colorful and interesting pasta dish to serve your family and friends.

It is best cooked and served when there are kids around. They can enjoy and have fun having pasta with different shapes. These pasta are all hand-made artisan pasta that manufacturers make sure that it maintains it shapes and color, and the color used for the pasta is natural. Each and every one of these pastas are all imported from Italy. Its cooking time is around 12 minutes because some of the pasta are big in size.


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