Donne del Grano Morels Spugnole Colored Pasta

Donne del Grano Morels Spugnole Colored Pasta


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One highly intriguing pasta is called Morels Spugnole Colored Pasta because its shape is patterned after the morel mushroom. This type of pasta closely resembles radiatore and is made of all organic ingredients such as Durham wheat and water, while its colors come from natural food colorings such as vegetables like spinach or nettle to come up with green, tomato or hot pepper to produce red, and squid ink for black. It also uses beetroot and turmeric for its other colors.

Morels Spugnole Colored Pasta is an artisanal pasta that is made by pasta makers from a region in Italy called Puglia which is a home to pasta consumers and producers. What makes this pasta even more interesting is that they follow a centuries old tradition of pasta making.

Aside from its shape, the ridges of this pasta allow it to trap and absorb the sauce giving it a succulent bite for the perfect balance of pasta and sauce.


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