Donne del Grano Olive Leaf Pasta

Donne del Grano Olive Leaf Pasta


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17.8 oz. Foglie d’ Oliva or Olive Leaf pasta is another interesting type of pasta that is hand made by women from Puglia, Italy which is known for being pasta producers and consumers. The making of this pasta follows a centuries old tradition that is why you can be sure that it is made from the highest quality.

This fact is very evident during its cooking process because it is able to maintain its original shape and color. Its unique shape makes it even more appealing that is why it is great to be served during get togethers with your family or friends. Kids will definitely take pleasure in eating this olive leaf shaped pasta.

More than its attractive look, what makes it even better is that it has health benefits as it uses only the natural ingredients like the premium durum wheat. Even its colors do not use artificial ingredients because it uses spinach to create the color green.


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