Donne del Grano Rainbow Bowties Pasta

Donne del Grano Rainbow Bowties Pasta


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Product Description

Also known as Faralle Aracobaleno, Rainbow Bowties Colored Pasta is an artisanal pasta that is imported from Italy. This cute and one of a kind pasta is handmade in Italy by pasta makers who follow the 100 year old tradition of pasta making. It is made with premium durum wheat and also uses natural food coloring such as squid ink for the black, spinach to produce a green color and hot peppers to come up with color red.

Its ingredients and color are made from natural ingredients making it an ideal pasta for the health conscious, as well as for the kids and adults who simply want to eat healthy food. This type of pasta is made with great care and has a high quality which is evident during its cooking process as it is able to maintain its original shape and color. This pasta is a perfect dish for a children’s party or for a simple fun get together.


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