Donne del Grano Red Hearts Cuoricini Colored Pasta

Donne del Grano Red Hearts Cuoricini Colored Pasta


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Product Description

17.8 oz. Having a romantic or intimate dinner no longer has to happen in a fancy restaurant; in fact you can make it even more special if you prepare the dish yourself. Make your personalized dinner memorable and exciting by using an artisanal pasta such as the Red Hearts “Cuoricini” Colored Pasta because aside from its romantic red color, it is heart shaped as well so it is really ideal to be eaten with your loved one and can also be perfect to be used during Valentine’s Day.

Red Hearts Colored Pasta can be also be combined with other types of artisanal pastas such as the Green Olive Leaf Pasta so you can have an even more creative pasta dish. When you combine these two kinds of pastas, you can come up with a rose bouquet looking type of dish.

Enjoy this pasta and its health benefits as it is made from natural ingredients like Durham wheat and tomato or chili peppers for its red color.


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