Donne del Grano Sea Conch Shells “Conchiglioni”

Donne del Grano Sea Conch Shells “Conchiglioni”


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Product Description

“Conchiglioni” is a sea shell shaped pasta that has different colors in every pack. It is perfectly hand-made by the best pasta makers in Italy. Every pasta that they do should always pass quality checks, that will see if its color and shape is maintained. The natural food coloring they used are the following: spinach, nettle, tomato, pepper, beetroot, and turmeric.

They also make sure that each pasta is in shape and not broken. This type of pasta is perfect for either thick or thin sauces because the pasta has its rippled surface that can hold even thin sauces of your specific meal. Since it looks like a sea shell, it would complement in a seafood sauce as a theme to your food. This pasta is worth the try, since it is easy to cook and can be prepared in a short period of time. Perfect to use for pasta salads and soups as well!


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