Donne del Grano Zebra Bowties Pasta

Donne del Grano Zebra Bowties Pasta


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Product Description

Zebra Bowties is also called Farfalle Magia Bianca. This very creative looking pasta becomes even more unique as it is handmade in Puglia, Italy which is known as the region of pasta makers and eaters. This interesting pasta that is colored black and white comes from the tradition of pasta makers from centuries back.

Zebra Bowties is made up of natural ingredients including Durham wheat and unflavored but definitely natural food coloring like vegetables for other colors such as spinach for green and hot peppers for the red and squid ink to come up with a black color. A process called bronze die is used to create a rough texture in order to retain any type of sauce.

This type of pasta is s is made with care and quality and can be cooked in as fast as 7 minutes. It can maintain its original shape and color while cooking which means less worries for the cook.


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